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Teachers and students can analyze term performance through time.

Analyze Performance

Termling provides a space for instructors to consistently check up on their student’s progress through the Instructor-Student connection. The data collected from the student’s Termling activities will be used in aggregate performance charts to better assist instructors in evaluating progress and methodology. Instructors also have access to study sets that they can personalize to really match the pace of the student according to the data provided from the student’s previous study data.

Students and teachers can customize the appearance of a RPG avatar.

Motivate Learning

Termling is inherently designed to be motivating for students because of its limitless combinations of customizations that can be earned through studying. Not only that, but instructors share the same type of account that their students are using, which really facilitates strong relationships between the instructor and student. The instructors can study the same web content that their students are studying and earn points to customize their own Termling. This provides for a very interactive experience in which students can see their teacher connecting with them through a medium that they enjoy.

Image of approved private messages sent between classmates who are study buddies.


Learning is a very personal and individual process. On Termling, instructors and students never have to worry about study data being released to strangers outside of the approved list of contacts. Termling users cannot private message others unless both users accept each other as friends or unless an instructor-student relationship is established online. In this way, Termling provides a secure and safe space for students to learn.