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Student generated a multiple choice exam which is adapted to current level of understanding from Study Set.


Efficiency is key, especially when you are a student juggling multitudes of activities, homework, friends, and school. Termling allows you to maximize your study hours by having materials organized by not only terms but by subjects. In this way, you can always find what you need quickly, instead of having to shift through endless material that might not even end up being important! You can also always set your own study sets and adjust for difficulty to really make your time studying worth every minute.

Student earning experience and credits from completing study set.

Learning and Gaming

Termling is great way for you to build study skills, learn relevant and helpful information, and have fun while doing it! There are a limitless combination of customizations for your Termling that can be earned through studying, and you can even discover all the super exclusive secret items if you consistently study and earn points! You can’t ever cap out of cool stuff for your Termling. You can also keep track of how your instructors and study buddies are doing by checking out their Termling avatars. Compare and compete to see who can make the best Termling!

List of study buddies where students can private message approved contacts for privacy control.

Privacy Controls

On Termling, you never have to worry about sharing your information with strangers. Termling is a completely judgement free zone, where you can feel comfortable about your own personal progress and really find and set your own pace of learning. You only can share information between your study buddies and your instructors, and this all happens in a positive and motivational setting. But that doesn’t mean you can’t show off your Termling to the world, either! Share your accomplishments through how awesome your Termling looks, but never worry about other users having access to your information.