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Female termling avatar showing RPG interface.

Termling Avatars

Every user creates an avatar, called a Termling, with thousands of customizable features! Change colors, facial features, physical attributes, and styles to suit your personality. The more you study, the more you unlock different customizations and credits to buy cool things for your Termling. Level up your avatar and check the daily store since items sold in the store change every single day! There are also ultimate rare items to discover within the Termling world, so keep an eye out and get to studying.

Shows the create a study set section for adding study material to learn terms.

Personalized Study Sets

Termling allows you to create your own personal study tool by adding your own content as well as pulling content from the vast online Termling community. It’s a great way to organize the terms that you personally need to study while also being able to plug in with other users on the site by enrolling into other study sets. This way, the community can collaborate to create the most comprehensive and efficient study material!

User's yearlong term performance and overall term performance for study term.


View your overall performance not just from a single study set or activity. Temling will keep track your performance. Not only is this a really great way to keep track of your own activities, but you can also use all this data available to you to collect research data, build statistics, and really gauge where you are at amongst your peers all over the world! However, you are never required or forced to share your results for activities and games because we at Termling are working to create a safe and judgement-free place of learning where each user is encouraged to go at a pace that really works for them.

Select from different learning study activity like flashcards, multiple choice, true or flast, and fill in the blanks.

Different Activities

There are currently three different activities that users can choose from during their Termling adventure: Classic, deTERMine, and Flashcards. Depending on what you are studying for or what you are in the mood for, you pick an activity to really help you lock in information while keeping things interesting. If you don’t quite know your own learning style yet, try the randomize button to start out with in order to see which activity works best for you.

Adapt term content difficulty and terms are sorted by community.

Filtered Content

On Termling, information is grouped based on terms and vocabulary, which makes content easy to find. Within the term groups, you can also adjust for difficulty level to suit your needs. Moving up on the difficulty bar is a great way to track your progress and really see yourself improve! Users also vote on the quality and difficulty of the content so you are always being matched with information that is pertinent and useful. This is definitely not like those oftentimes boring and unnecessarily thick textbooks of information that you have to wrestle with.

User sending private message to collaborate on study set with class key terms.

Study Buddy

It’s always easier with a friend! Termling allows you to search and add other users to become your Study Buddy, which lets you private message each other and really help each other grasp difficult material. Anyone is also welcome to be an instructor if they’re a master at a topic, and everyone can keep each other accountable and motivated. It’s an online community full of people willing to learn and teach in order to help everyone reach their full potential and become masters of study subjects. It’s really about sharing knowledge and building a community that supports each other and itself.