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Cookie Policy

    Cookies and similar purpose technologies are used by De Knovo Technology and third-party services we use. We want you to understand the purpose behind them, so you can make an informed decision when deciding to use the Services. We are presenting a general overview of what Cookies and similar purpose technologies are. Although information found in external websites is outside of this agreement, we recommend you fully understand how these technologies work because they are very popular on the web, and we use them on some of our Services. If you would like to know which third-parties we use, please read the Privacy Policy.

  1. What are Cookies and similar purpose technologies?

Cookies are small files that are placed on your device by the browser that can store data. Data can be placed in Cookies. The information on Cookies can be retrieved at another time, assuming that it has not been deleted.

Cookies are just one technique used to store and communicate information. Web beacons are items embedded in a website that can be used for analytics and advertisements. Local storage can also be used to store data that can be retrieved at a future date.

  1. Why do we use Cookies and similar purpose technologies?

    Cookies are an important part of many websites, and they are used to provide a better user experience and to learn about the user. One of the ways we use Cookies is for authentication. It enables you to visit different pages within the Service and remain signed in.

Cookies and similar purpose technologies are used to analyze how users are using the Services. This information can provide De Knovo Technology insight into which features are the most popular. The technologies are also used to attempt to show you relevant advertisements based on previous online behavior.

  1. Can you read the information in Cookies?

It is possible for you to read the information stored in Cookies. However, many times the information is difficult to understand or is simply an identification that servers assign.

  1. Can you disable or delete Cookies and similar purpose technologies?

It is possible to disable, restrict, and delete Cookies or other similar technologies, but the Services that use them are designed with the assumption that they are turned on. It is very likely that Services that rely heavily on the internet will not function properly.